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Collider Accelerator Campaigns

Updated: Jun 9, 2020

Collider Accelerator - Australia's first focused on creative tech - was formed in the crucible of a government initiative and proven in the market of global investor relations. The dazzling result is an accelerator for founders and teams with an international mindset, designed to channel your creativity and innovation, your insight and expertise, your passion and drive, into a fast track on the way to worldwide success.

The intensive 12-week program included $30,000 - $50,000 in pre-seed investment, an incubator space, real-world mentoring and exclusive opportunities to forge foundations in the flourishing markets of South-East Asia.

Over 2019 - 2020, CEA's Marketing team executed four campaigns; two for program recruitment; one for Demo Day; and an ongoing campaign whilst in-program.

Recruitment Campaign | January - March 2019

The goal of this campaign was to capture at least 30 high-quality applications to enable CEA's Programs team to strategically vet the applications to the final 9. This goal was achieved with 37 applications captured.

Significant elements/ campaign firsts for CEA included

  • Development of audience personas

  • Use of Metabeta to capture applications

  • LinkedIn advertising

  • Creation of campaign video

  • Development of marketing funnel website using Squarespace

  • Founder success stories

Campaign development/process

  • Liase with key stakeholders to gain strong understanding of program as a team

  • Brainstorm and research to create audience personas as a team

  • Development of program proof-points as a team

  • Creation of campaign copy via engagement of external creative agency, Aruga

  • Graphic design of campaign via in-house designer at the time

  • Creation of marketing funnel website (myself and in-house designer)

  • Development of campaign plan/strategy (myself and Marketing Manager)

  • Briefing of campaign video to external videographers, Stranger Films

  • Engagement and briefing of external creative agency, Aruga, for management of LinkedIn advertising and PR for founder success stories

  • Omnichannel marketing execution (myself) across email marketing, social media (paid and organic), website, digital and print billboards and other print collateral such as postcards and flyers.

Campaign phases

  1. Expressions of interest

  2. Launch

  3. Increased urgency

Creative examples

Collider Accelerator 2019 Recruitment Campaign Video


User Experience (UX)

With the introduction of a new marketing funnel website, it was important to analyse the entire user experience to justify and evaluate the success of the creation of an entirely new website.

As can be seen in the above UX Flow that I developed, majority of users were brought to the website via direct search (40.3%), followed by social media (25% - organic, 29%, & paid, 71%) and eDMs which accounted for 13.64%. This then translated into 441 application button clicks, 23% of those who landed on the website. 1/3 of the way through the campaign it was discovered that Metabeta was becoming an obstacle to applications with significant drop off rates from those who clicked application buttons and those who submitted applications. The creation of a data-capture form was implemented mid-Feb and facilitated more applications. However, users still had to apply through Metabeta. Whilst 56 users started a form, only 37 submitted (34% drop off rate). I believe that this was due to the "unfriendliness" of Metabeta which the Marketing team was asked to use. Despite this, the marketing funnel performed really well resulting in 37 high-quality applications, of which 15 were put through a bootcamp to determine the top 9 companies for the program.

Key skills utilised in campaign

  • Strategic campaign planning

  • Liaising with key stakeholders

  • Briefing creative agencies

  • Social media copywriting and asset design using Photoshop and InDesign

  • Social media scheduling via Sendible

  • Facebook Business Manager advertising

  • Adroll re-targeting

  • Assistance of website design and development using Squarespace

  • Email marketing using Mailchimp

  • Campaign tracking, analysis and reporting

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