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I'm a content marketing strategist and integrated marketing campaign expert with a passion for authentic and compelling storytelling. My strong work ethic involves a meeting of the heart and mind where I am able to inject emotion, empathy and sincerity into my work whilst remaining outcome-oriented.

With an extensive background as a creative marketer, copywriter and graphic designer, I specialise in assisting businesses to achieve their strategic goals by developing and executing strategic marketing and content initiatives.

Nothing excites me more than crafting the unique stories of individuals, products and brands to showcase their value to wider audiences. I believe that video is one of the most compelling storytelling techniques for brands and individuals who wish to create deeper and more meaningful relationships with their audience. I also believe that in order for campaigns and content to have this impact, an in-depth understanding of your audience is vital. 

Over the past five and a half years I have been involved in a range of creative projects including two rebrands, over 20 marketing campaigns and ongoing social media and website content strategies to increase reach, engagement and conversions. I have been fortunate to work with companies,

teams and stakeholders in a number of diverse industries including Fashion, Startups, Performing Arts, Creative Technology, Education, FMCG and SMEs.


In turn, my ability to be agile, adaptable and dependable in fast paced work environments has also been vital to my success in these roles. In fact, last year in my (current) role as Content Marketing Coordinator at QUT Creative Enterprise Australia, I was presented with the opportunity to travel to Bangkok, Thailand, to capture and create content for Startup Thailand. Only given 5 days notice, I jumped on the plane and never looked back - and boy am I glad I did because it was one of the best work experiences I have ever had!

My ultimate goal is to create killer content strategies for brands via relevant multimedia channels, driven by indepth platform analysis and audience insights to optimise outcomes and achieve business objectives - and have fun!

What do my colleagues say about me?

"Eloise is an exceptionally talented marketer. With the rare ability to be both creative and analytical, Ellie comfortably plans, creates and measures campaigns for services, programs and events.


Her strategic approach enables Ellie to work across different industries, including fashion, creative tech, food and agribusiness and FMCG businesses from startups to SMEs to corporates. Adept at researching and creating customer personas, developing compelling messaging and imagery, Ellie has crafted phased campaigns to achieve awareness and educate target audiences to meet business objectives.


Ellie is a highly credible storyteller. She has a keen ability to bring out the best in her subjects through well-thought out interview techniques combined with her creative flair to produce compelling video and blog content. Utilising Google Analytics and social media performance metrics, Ellie iterates her campaigns, tweaking imagery, messaging and channels on an ongoing basis, and concludes with comprehensive end-of-campaign reports. Key insights are identified and utilised as part of her continuous learning approach to campaign management.

With maturity beyond her years, Ellie is the consummate professional. Dedicated, focussed and outcomes driven, she is by far the most outstanding graduate I have had the privilege of working with.


As a self-starter, resourceful and solutions focussed, Ellie is very much a team player. A safe pair of hands who always acts with integrity and respect."

- Karin Eisele, Head of Brand, Marketing & Communications, QUT Creative Enterprise Australia

"Eloise is a diligent worker who can take enormous pride in delivering outcomes above and beyond expectations. She is a team player who always provides her own innovative insights and strategic thinking to the project presented. Over the past year, Eloise has delivered exemplary outcomes to projects including mini film reels of CEA’s Fashion360 Accelerator designer journey, blogs and interviews with our fashion mentors, creating and managing the Fashion360 website, as well as accumulating data to analyse effective digital marketing strategies. It has been an absolute pleasure to have worked with Eloise and I will no doubt access her services in future years to come."

- Thuy Nguyen, Fashion Development Manager, QUT Creative Enterprise Australia
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