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  • Eloise Barclay

2019 Fashion360 Designer | Phoebe Paradise

Phoebe Paradise is a punk designer, born and raised in Brisbane.

She debuted her label in 2014 after working as a merchandise designer and artist for brands across Australia. A youthful, nostalgic aesthetic bleeds into the garments she illustrates; a mundane, grimy depiction of being young, broke, drunk and leather-clad in the Queensland summer heat.

Brisbane has remained a consistent influence throughout the collections Paradise has produced over the years. The natural beauty and force of the city, found in the river, mangroves, gigantic Moreton Bay figs and flooding that makes this corner of the world unique, inspired Paradise to translate the elements and juxtapose them with illustrations of mundane city life and its debris.

Crushed beer cans, trash, violence and emptied ashtrays share the same space with gorgeously detailed drawings of native flora, printed onto tailored, locally-made garments.

Phoebe Paradise creations are made primarily for women who are socially engaged, politically active, frequents festivals or are engaged with the online arts and music community. They are also predominantly responsible buyers swaying towards support for local businesses.

Her flagship store can be found on Winn Lane, Fortitude Valley. The store is somewhere between a boutique and an art installation, much like Paradise’s garments: Bright, bold, and drawn all-over like a visual diary.

Explore Phoebe’s website:

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